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Published: 25 September 2014

Retail trade flash estimate: sales fell by 1.6 per cent year-on-year in August

According to Statistics Finland’s retail trade flash estimate, retail trade sales decreased by 1.6 per cent in August 2014 from August 2013. Over the same time period, the volume of sales, from which the impact of prices has been eliminated, went down by 1.7 per cent. In daily consumer goods trade, sales contracted by 0.5 per cent in August and the volume of sales by 1.4 per cent from the respective period of the year before.

Development of value and volume of retail trade sales, August 2014, % (TOL 2008)

Development of value and volume of retail trade sales, August 2014, % (TOL 2008)
There were 26 weekday trading days 1) in August 2014, which is one day less than in August 2013.

According to the Business Register, the share of daily consumer goods of turnover in retail trade was 47.6 per cent in 2012.

The retail trade flash estimate is based on a sample covering, on the average, 60 per cent of retail trade turnover. Data on trade sales by industry will next be released on 14 October 2014.

Flash estimates on retail trade are published at a lag of just under one month from the end of the statistical reference month. The preliminary data on motor vehicle, wholesale and retail trade based on a larger sample will be published at a lag of roughly six weeks from the end of the statistical reference month and the revised data based on total data are published at a lag of roughly ten weeks.

1) Weekday trading days refer to the weekdays of a calendar month (Monday to Saturday) excluding mid-week holidays.

Source: Turnover of trade, Statistics Finland

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