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Vessels in the regular merchant fleet numbered 680 in June 2020
20 Jul 2020
In June 2020, the size of the Finnish merchant fleet was 1,238 vessels. The regular merchant fleet included 680 vessels and the number of small vessels was 285. The number of barges and other engineless vessels was 273 in total. The Register of Merchant Vessels, in which vessels operating mainly in foreign traffic can be entered, contained a total of 115 vessels in June 2020. The gross tonnage of the entire registered merchant fleet was 1,872,322. The share of gross tonnage of the regular merchant fleet was 1,738,941 and the share of vessels entered in the Register of Merchant Vessels 1,575,070.

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20 Aug 2020

Description: The merchant fleet statistics contain data on vessels registered in the transport register and the register of ships in terms of number, gross and net tonnage and deadweight (dwt). Furthermore, data on vessels registered in the Register of Merchant Vessels are included.
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Keywords: barge, bulk carrier, deadweight, dry cargo ship, gross tonnage, merchant fleet, net tonnage, passenger ship, register of merchant vessels, register of ships, regular merchant fleet, ro-ro ship, seaman, special vessel, tanker, vessel.
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Change: Several sets of transport statistics transferred from Traficom to Statistics Finland
30 Jan 2020
In 2020, Statistics Finland will start publishing several sets of official statistics relating to transport which were previously published by Traficom.

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