Inquiry forms

The questionnaires are available on the home page of each data collection.

This page contains links to the forms related to Statistics Finland's activities as an authority.

Three file formats are in use: Portable Document Format (PDF), Open Document Format (ODF) (ISO/IEC 26300:2006) as well as Microsoft Word (DOC). Of these both ODF and DOC formats allow the forms to be used interactively with the appropriate applications. The resulting documents can be returned to Statistics Finland e.g. as e-mail attachments.

Not all forms are available in all file formats.

Application for a license to use statistical data

If you want to use data collected by Statistics Finland e.g. for scientific research or in your diploma thesis, you need a license to use the data.

Further information on the application for a license to use statistical data.

DOC 166k ODF 47k PDF 45k

Pledge of secrecy of holder of permission to use data

For a licence to use statistical data to be granted, the applicant must sign a pledge of secrecy.

Further information on the pledge of secrecy.

PDF 59k