The Advisory Board of Official Statistics of Finland (OSF), comprised of representatives of various authorities producing statistics, focused its development work on the quality of statistics in 2011. "We decided to make a yearly self-assessment of the realisation of the quality criteria of official statistics. The first assessment will be carried out in 2012," says Chair of the Board, Riitta Harala, Director of Social Statistics from Statistics Finland.

In the reviewed year, the online services of statistics producers were developed. "We organised a seminar for the producers of statistics to analyse the development targets for their online services. In the future, we want to develop the OSF portal into a joint dissemination platform for the needs of the entire national statistical service," says Riitta Harala.

By the end of the year, Official Statistics of Finland comprised 273 sets of statistics. An up-to-date list of the statistics has been published in the OSF portal.

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health joined the producers of the national statistical service: at the end of 2011, there were a total of 18 producers of statistics. During the year under review, the Financial Supervisory Authority and Statistics Finland made a decision in principle on the transfer of insurance statistics to Statistics Finland. The producers of statistics continued their close co-operation to develop statistics in working groups set up for different statistical domains.

Expenditure of the national statistical service grew slightly

In 2011, the total expenditure of the national statistical service amounted to EUR 72.7 million, which was EUR one million more than in the year before. Over the year, the expenditure went up by close on 1.5 per cent from the previous year. The expenditure of Statistics Finland was of the same magnitude as one year earlier. In the rest of the national statistical service, expenditure went up by good six per cent from 2010.

Examined by statistics group, the largest share of the resources, or EUR 8.6 million, was expended on statistics describing business enterprises. The second largest proportion of EUR 5.4 million was used for statistics on agriculture, forestry and fishery. Almost the same amount went to the production of statistics on the labour market. EUR 5.2 million were spent on statistics concerning the national economy, and EUR five million on statistics describing the environment and natural resources.

Expenditure of the national statistical service by authority 2010–2011, EUR 1,000

  2010 2011
Finnish Meteorological Institute 2911) 2911)
Finnish Transport Agency 313 287
Finnish Transport Safety Agency 291 360
Agricultural Economic Research Institute 822 812
Information Centre of the Ministry
of Agriculture and Forestry
2,943 2,718
National Land Survey of Finland 350 370
Finnish Forest Research Institute 1,281 1,245
Finnish Game and Fisheries Institute 272 288
Finnish Environment Institute 2,520 2,390
National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) 3,291 4,325
Statistics Finland 56,743 56,785
National Board of Customs 2,089 2,160
Ministry of Employment and the Economy 488 658
Total 71,694 72,689
1)Data from 2009.


Expenditure of the national statistical service by statistics group 2011, EUR 1,000

  SF Others Total
Housing 1,131   1,131
Living conditions 902   902
Energy 979   979
Prices and costs 3,915   3,915
Government finance 2,108   2,108
National accounts 5,248   5,248
Trade 1,415 2,160 3,575
Education 4,334   4,334
Culture and the media 1,058   1,058
Transport and tourism 2,911 647 3,558
Agriculture, forestry and fishery 371 5,063 5,434
Justice 1,022   1,022
Wages, salaries and labour costs 2,680   2,680
Services 197   197
Financing and insurance 557   557
Construction 570   570
Social protection 1,730 1,730
Manufacturing 2,204   2,204
Health 1,076 2,595 3,671
Science, technology and information society 1,558   1,558
Income and consumption 3,708   3,708
Labour market 4,746 658 5,404
Elections 386   386
Population 3,133   3,133
Environment and natural resources 1,970 3,051 5,021
Enterprises 8,607   8,607
Total 56,785 15,904 72,689