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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
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The annual statistics on telecommunications describe the state and development of telecommunications in Finland. The area of depiction of the statistics is limited to public telecommunication networks and communications via them. Telecommunications statistics cover telecommunications infrastructure and provide data on the volume of telecommunication services and on the activities of telecommunications operators, and the use of telecommunication services.

Data content

Telecommunications infrastructure, inc., exchanges, fixed line subscriptions, broadband subscriptions, mobile phone subscriptions, number of short messages, finances and personnel of telecommunications operators, cable television activity, use and prices of telecommunication services.

Use and disclosure of the date are subject to general rules on confidentiality. The statistics compiled from the data are public; however, subject to the condition that the data of an individual enterprise cannot be identified from them.

Classifications used

Standard Industrial Classification; setting out from the industry of telecommunications.

Data collection methods and data sources

Some of the data are collected direct from enterprises. Data collected by other authorities, such as the Ministry of Transport and Communications are also used in the statistics.

Data collections

Updating frequency

Annually since 2003. Previously the publication on these statistics was compiled by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Time of completion or release

August of the year following the statistical reference year.

Time series

Time series of varying lengths are available from the data. The data up to 2001 are based on those collected by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


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