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A distinctive feature of Finnish economic growth, especially since the Second World War, has been the major significance of growth in productivity. Change in productivity is the part of growth in output that is not explained by change in the use of input(s) or compensation of inputs. Growth in total productivity depicts not only technological development and increased efficiency but also the effects from improved quality of inputs, management, logistics and organisation.

Data content

Data by industry on the productivity of work, productivity of capital and total productivity. The data derive from national accounts and are publc as a rule.

Classifications used

Standard Industrial Classification (TOL2002)

Data collection methods and data sources

Productivity calculations based on national accounts describe development at the industry level in the productivity of work and capital and in total productivity for the whole national economy, market producers and producers for own final consumption. The productivity of work is measured with the ratio of generated gross value added to hours worked in an industry. The productivity of capital is measured with the ratio of gross value added to mean gross capital stock. Total productivity is measured with the ratio of gross value added to the weighted work and capital input. However, the unit-specific data on the industries are confidential.

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Time series

Data are available starting from 1975.


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