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Used concepts

Data supplier unit

In the volume index of industrial output, the data supplier unit is an enterprise or its establishment whose main type of activity is industry (B Mining and quarrying, C Manufacturing,r D Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, or E Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities). Thus, even establishments of non-industrial enterprises engaged in industrial activity are included in the inquiry.

An establishment refers to an economic unit, which, under one ownership or control, produces goods or services of mainly one particular type usually at one location. An establishment may as such form an enterprise (single-establishment enterprise) or be a clearly definable part of an enterprise (multi-establishment enterprise).

Volume index describes value added at constant prices. The target of the volume index is also to take into consideration possible changes in the quality of products.

The value of output is a primary way of describing the volume of output. For describing the volume, value data must be deflated. The measurement unit for value data is euro.

Producer price is the price received by an enterprise for its commodity or service. Producer price index for manufactured products measures development in the producer prices of goods manufactured in Finland. The index includes both goods sold at home and exported goods.

Deflation or conversion into constant prices means removing the effect of price changes. The value data used in the calculation of the volume index of industrial output are deflated using the producer price index for manufactured products.

The volume of output is another variable used for describing output.  The quantities are reported by commodity. Depending on the commodity, the measurement unit can be kilogramme, litre or item.


Classifications used

The classifications used for the volume index of industrial output are the European Union's commodity classification, industrial classification and purpose of use classification applied to Finland's needs.

Time series published by industry are formed according to the present Standard Industrial Classification (TOL2008). The classification is based on the EU's standard, NACE Rev. 2. In addition, industry categories have been combined for national needs into various aggregate levels describing certain industry wholes (e.g. food industry, metal industry). The statistics are also published classified into so-called purpose of use groups, which are raw materials and producer’s goods, investment goods, and durable and other consumer goods. The division is based on the EU's classification by purpose of use (586/2001).

The commodities asked from establishments are based on the EU's commodity classification (Prodcom).