Finland then and now

The decades of Finland’s independence have seen several social, economic, scientific and technological changes. These are also clearly visible in statistics - statistics are a mirror of society.

Century comparisons

In the century comparisons we present the changes in society and daily life with the help of figures from the early years of independence and the present day. In addition to the website, the comparisons can also be found on Statistics Finland’s Twitter and Facebook accounts with the hashtag #centurycomparison.

The photos used in the comparisons are from the collections of Finnish museums.

Century sources

The century sources list contains easy-to-use statistical sources from the period of Finland’s independence.

What statistics are available in different years and decades is linked to the history of statistics and Finnish society. For example, the population census planned for 1939 to 1940 was cancelled due to the Winter War, and thus the first comprehensive population census on Finns was not made until 1950. The different phases of statistics compilation can be viewed in the History of Finland’s statistics section of the eCourse in statistics.

Statistisk årsbok för FinlandData from every year - Statistical Yearbook of Finland

The Statistical Yearbook of Finland is a statistical tome that has been compiled from 1879 to this day. The Yearbook contains the main annual statistical data from Finland. The Statistical Yearbooks of Finland from 1879 to 2016 are available in the Doria publication database as PDF files. Statistical data concerning the year of independence 1917 can be found in the following Yearbooks:

The Yearbook of 2017 is, in addition to the PDF file, also available as a web service.

The life of the statistical Finn then and now

An outline of what an average Finn has been like in different times, how long he or she lived, and how he or she lived can be made by examining statistics. The Statistical Finn animations present the life of average Finns that lived at different times:

Finland in Figures – basic information about contemporary Finland

Finland in Figures is a compact information package about Finland’s key statistical data. There, you can find basic information about Finland’s population, housing, prices and education.

The package is also available in our web service.


Finland today - latest information about Finland

Statistics Finland compiles and releases statistics throughout the year. The release dates are given in the release calendar and the latest releases are listed on Statistics Finland’s front page.

In addition to statistical figures, the release contains an analysis on key findings written by experts. More detailed statistical data, like municipality-specific data, can be found in the StatFin statistical database.

Our experts also write statistics-based articles about topical issues in the blog of the Tieto&Trendit periodical (only in Finnish).