Stats4Finland award to the Valttikunnat card game

In connection with the Apps4Finland 2012 competition, Statistics Finland has awarded a special prize for the best entry based on statistical data. The "Stats4Finland" award was given to the Valttikunnat (Trump municipalities) card game.

The card game is based on statistical data describing municipalities. Playing the game helps to recognise statistical key figures, to perceive variation in the features of municipalities and to understand the meanings of matters described by statistics.

"The game is easy to use, and its idea can be applied to other statistical data – such as comparisons of countries. The game can be easily connected to the International Year of Statistics held in 2013, where one theme is development of statistical literacy especially among young people," says Heli Mikkelä, Director of Information Services at Statistics Finland.

The Apps4Finland 2012 competition sought best ideas and applications that make use of open data. The competition has five different categories. The Apps4Finland 2012 competition was organised for the fourth time by Forum Virium Helsinki and the Finnish Association for Online Democracy. Statistics Finland took part in the organisation of the competition as a key partner.

Participation in the organisation of the competition is part of the work Statistics Finland is doing to increase the use and influence of statistics in society. Statistics Finland has also built ready-made interfaces for the users of open data. The free-of-charge data in Statistics Finland's web service can be freely utilised provided the source is mentioned (see Terms of use on Statistics Finland's data). Statistics Finland has also separately released technical interfaces to the StatFin database and to Eurostat's main tables database to ease further utilisation of data.

Further information: Heli Mikkelä, Director of Information Services, tel. +358 9 1734 3200

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Last updated 5.12.2012