Statistics Finland's RSS feeds

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is an online content publication format. The data provider encodes online contents into the RSS format and the recipient receives a notification of new contents via an RSS feed reader software. RSS provides quick notifications of changes and updates to web pages; the users do not need to monitor the site.

How is RSS installed?

RSS is installed by defining the address of the RSS feed into the reader software.

Firefox and Explorer 7 browsers show an RSS icon whenever RSS feed is available on the site. Users can subscribe to the feed by clicking on the button. A separately installed RSS reader software can also be used.

RSS feeds offered by Statistics Finland

Statistics Finland offers its customers a variety of RSS feeds. Feeds are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The contents of the language versions may differ.

Statistical releases:

Statistical releases by topic (26 topics, e.g. Housing):

Statistical releases by statistics (over 200 statistics, e.g. Prices of dwellings):

The RSS feed icon can be seen on all Statistics Finland web pages on which an RSS feed can be subscribed to. Clicking on the icon opens up a separate page on which the subscription to the RSS feed can be made.

Using Statistics Finland's RSS feeds on other websites

Copyrights apply to all Statistics Finland's materials. Using Statistics Finland's RSS feeds on other websites is allowed. Statistics Finland's logo or some other indication of the source can be inserted next to the list of headings.The logo may not be processed or altered in any way.

The contact point on matters concerning the RSS feeds is

Last updated 4.9.2008