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6 Nov 2015 Statistics Finland and Finnish Customs improve the efficiency of international trade statistics production

Statistics Finland and Finnish Customs increase statistical cooperation between the institutions. The aim is to make it easier to exchange data and expertise between the institutions and make statistics production and data collections more efficient.

2 Nov 2015 Three out of four persons with foreign background have at least average level Finnish or Swedish language skills

Three out of four first generation immigrants with foreign background had at least average skills in Finnish or Swedish in 2014. These data derive from the new Survey on work and well-being among persons of foreign origin.

15 Oct 2015 Over one-half of those with foreign background moved to Finland for family reasons

Of persons with foreign background living in Finland in 2014, the reason for moving had been family reasons for over one-half. Close on one-fifth had come to Finland for work and one in ten for studies. Being a refugee or seeking asylum was the reason for one in ten persons. These are the first results from the Survey on work and well-being among persons of foreign origin.

14 Oct 2015 Riitta Pipatti elected to the steering group of the IPCC Inventories programme

Riitta Pipatti, Statistics Finland's Senior Adviser, has been elected a member of the Task Force Bureau on the Greenhouse Gas Inventories programme of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC.

13 Oct 2015 New version of PX-Web taken into use

The PX-Web database has been updated into a new version. Now, saved queries can also be made with calculations, table editing and charts.

Changes in statistics

5 August 2015 Production of the statistics on human resources of science and technology has ended

15 June 2015 Indices of owner-occupied housing prices are updated

21 May 2015 Database tables containing establishment data have been published

Last updated 20 Nov 2015