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3 Feb 2016 iStatistician 2030

With the ongoing data revolution, the world calls for statistical experts. But what kinds of experts does the field of statistics need? The directors of Eurostat and OECD’s Directorate of Statistics draw a picture of their employees today, as well as envision the future statistician. (Tieto&trendit)

28 Jan 2016 From a study into a story - statistical poster competition for young people

Finnish schools are challenged to take part in the international statistical poster competition. This time, Finland's national competition also marks the centenary of Finland’s independence.

26 Jan 2016 Paavo describes differences between area

Statistics Finland's free-of-charge Paavo service provides information by Finnish postal code, for example, on where people's income is highest or lowest, where dwellings are biggest or which areas have most families with children. The data of the service have just been updated.

12 Jan 2016 Users have confidence in Statistics Finland’s data

Over 90 per cent of Statistics Finland’s data users regard the data to be reliable, independent and impartial. This appears from an inquiry made by Taloustutkimus, to which nearly 500 data users responded.

7 Jan 2016 What do Finns spend their money on?

Statistics Finland examines how much money Finns spend on food, housing, transport, recreation and healthcare in 2016. Statistics Finland will interview over 8,000 households for the Household Budget Survey during the year.

Changes in statistics

18 December 2015 The regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity will be released with more limited content than usual

16 December 2015 Consumer Price Index will be renewed at the turn of the year

10 December 2015 Publication of the statistics on financial leasing has been discontinued

10 December 2015 Publication of the statistics on outstanding credit will be discontinued

Last updated 12 Feb 2016