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6 Jul 2015 Appointments at Statistics Finland

Statistics Finland has appointed a Deputy Director General, a Director of IT Management, and Directors of the Population and Social Statistics, Business Statistics, and Economic and Environmental Statistics Departments.

25 Jun 2015 Energy in Finland – new pocketbook of energy statistics

Statistics Finland has published a new pocket-size book of statistics on energy. The compact information package contains fresh statistical data on the energy field in Finland.

18 Jun 2015 New statistical service for road traffic accident data

A new free statistical service for road traffic accident data has been opened. The database service offers users new ways to examine road traffic accident data by means of charts and table selections, for example.

10 Jun 2015 Number of libraries has halved in 35 years

There were 790 public libraries in Finland in 2014, while in 1980 there were still more than 1,600. Even though the number of libraries has decreased, library collections have grown. Last year, libraries contained good 33 million books.

4 Jun 2015 Pocket-size information about Finland

Statistics Finland's newly published Finland in Figures is a compact information package in pocket size about Finland and its people. The booklet also contains international comparison data.

Changes in statistics

21 May 2015 Database tables containing establishment data have been published

13 May 2015 Production of Statistics on central government productivity has been discontinued

Last updated 31 Jul 2015